September 2017 – Complete Blackout

To those who have visited my blog you may see there’s been a bit of a black out recently.  I’ve still been keeping myself busy, with my business, travel and challenges as I had planned, however life isn’t always on your side.  Right about the time I started the blog my father in law was mid treatment for cancer.  He was a great, life loving man and a real inspiration to us all.  My wife has been with him throughout and I have been with her supporting where I can.  Understandably my focus had shifted, and rightly so.  As I write this now I’m sad to say that he lost his battle, fighting until the end.  He is, and always will be missed.

It now seems more important then ever to continue on the blogitlist journey, it’s become a tool for healing as well as for growing.  Life really is a gift, we must enrich and fulfil our lives otherwise it’s wasted.   As explained in “What is Blog It List”, we should actively look to improve our lives, taking every opportunity to make the most of it.  As we only have the one, there is no second chance.

With that in mind I’ve decided to start a Monthly Muse post, each month I will round up what’s been happening, what I’ve been planning and how I’ve gone about achieving it.  It’s a sort of internal monologue but may ultimately be the monthly inner ramblings of a daydreamer, but we will see how it all pans out.   I hope this also helps people understand who I am and why I think the way I do.

My beautiful wife Becci’s birthday is in September.  Her birthday is on the 3rd and this time it fell on a Sunday.  We had planned on making the most of the recent sunny weather and decided on throwing a party! Codename – BEXIVAL!  This was going to be a themed festival type affair with music, food, a pimp your Prescco bar and beer pong etc.  We made all the preparations we could, ordering loads of themed accessories and even made a wooden sign with black chalkboard arrows on a copper pole.  It looked amazing and we were ready for fun.  However, living in the Britain the weather had other ideas and changed rapidly a few days before and it tipped it down continually for 2 days, including Sunday!  This resulted in a backup plan taking effect and we all went out for a big and special lunch instead.   Becci had a wonderful day in the end, bringing home her first Mulberry Bag (a big deal apparently). We hope that the BEXIVAL will make reappearance one day in the not to distant future and perhaps in a town near you!

All through this month I have been training for my local towns Half Marathon.  I always sign up for something physically challenging to keep myself fit and as a mini goal to focus on.  I find it easier to stay in shape when I’m training for a purpose.  This one is sort of a double reward because I’m not only keeping fit, burning calories and losing fat in order to cross the finish line but it also means I will look half decent in my upcoming holiday photos!  I will talk more about these in future posts.

In the closing days of this month Becci and I booked some excursions for our up coming holiday (36 days and counting!).  We are heading to South Africa!  Stopping in Cape Town for 4-days, followed by a luxurious 2-day safari and then just because we are on that side of the world we’re stopping by Dubai on the way home for 3-days.   This is our BIG one for the year and it’s a real tick in the blog it list.  I will write about the excursions in more detail and separately in their own retrospective blog posts.  We will be doing and seeing so much when we are away which is just the way we like it.  This is the site we used to book the excursions ( and it’s highly recommended as we used it for New York too.

September has been busy but this isn’t even half of it!  I’m always on my feet and rarely sit down before 7pm (bearing in mind I’m up most mornings at 6am, that’s a long day) and to make myself even busier I’ve decided to blog about it.  This is the way I like to be though, its easy sitting on your backside watching life play out in front of you and then wishing you did something later on when its probably too late.  I try to make sure I fill every day and enjoy every moment it has to offer.  That’s how progress is made.  Financially, physically and spiritually!  Now lets see what October has for me!

Jonathan Phelps

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