November 2017 – The timing was perfect!

At the start of this month was my brother in laws birthday, the 6th November to be precise.  My wife Becci, her step mum Michèle and I went to Bristol to visit him for drinks and something to eat to help him celebrate turning 31!

We all met at a nice bar called “The MilkThistle“.   It has a reputation for being one of Bristol’s best kept secrets, and I can see why!  It’s hidden in one of the finest historic buildings in the old city, literally hidden!  There’s not much signage indicating you’re there and a large set of plain wooden doors, once you’ve knocked on the door, it’s opened and you’re greeted by a trendy looking staff member.  The venue is fairly small and booking ahead is advised (something that we did).  The bar is decorated in a 1920’s prohibition style but with twist; lots of weird taxidermy.  Check out the pictures below to see what I mean.  I drank a few of the best Old Fashioneds I’ve ever had before we set off to the restaurant for dinner.  If you ever fancy a nice drink, in a nice bar and happen to be in the area then do check it out.

Becci had booked us into a restaurant called Chomp.  It originally began at a pop up event, then they progressed onto a food truck and then a permanent premises serving high quality food, specialising in my favourite….STEAK!   I ordered myself a huge 16oz T-bone steak cooked to medium rare (the best way in my opinion) and my god it was the best I’ve ever had!  The restaurant’s website says the hard work is done by the farmer so they can’t really claim credit for it, but it was packed with flavour and perfectly cooked too!  We all plan on going back for another soon.  Again booking is advised because the restaurant is now very popular and has limited seating.

It was a nice day out and my brother in law had a great time too.

Also this month I’ve spent a lot of TIME working, to free up some TIME to go on holiday.  I also thought it was about TIME I treated myself to a luxury watch.  You see what I did there?

It’s alway been a goal of mine to be able to buy a good quality timepiece.  Now the thing is I’ve had enough money to do so for about 5 years and by that I mean, buy it outright and not worry about not having enough money left in my account to pay bills.  Habitually, I’ve always spent my money on something sensible, like investing in my business for example.  This time however it was different and the timing felt right (I did it again there).  We were due to fly out of Heathrow for our holiday to South Africa, so I thought what better opportunity to buy one, and from duty free too making a huge saving from the usual high street retailers.  I Bought myself a TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01.  It’s a real watch lovers time piece, simple and elegant, designed to be opulent but discreet.  It’s one of the nicest watches I’ve seen and I’m thrilled to bits that I’m able to own one.  I will write a separate post about this watch detailing how and why I bought it; because buying a luxury watch is on my List.  But for now just take a moment to appreciate it in all its glory!


Perhaps the timing was just right?

If you read my October Monthly Muse or follow me on Instagram you’d already know that I went on holiday to South Africa.  Again there’s not much I want to say in this post because I’m planning on adding more detail in future posts about the trip.  So I guess you will have to check in again to see the latest news?

What I will say though, is that I managed to tick off quite a few items on my Blog It List!  There’s still plenty to do and see in Cape Town though.  Things that I either didn’t have time to do or because bad weather restricted me from seeing it, so I will just have to go back.  Not a bad thing though because I loved it out there!  I had a conversation with an American woman on a wine tour that we took to Stellenbosch, she said “you don’t have to do everything the first time round or just once”.  This is absolutely true!  Sure, I have a list that I’d like to complete but when you find something you enjoy, why not revisit it and enjoy it all over again?  Also it’s not always necessary to completely fill every day with an activity.  Sometimes it’s better to get a feel for a place just by being there, walking the streets and chatting to people.

This holiday came just at the right time.  I had to work extremely hard to free up my calendar and it was starting to take its toll.  I needed the break, not only to recharge my batteries that I had expended to go away in the first place but also to reset my focus.   A reset is what I needed the most but what I actually got was a whole system reboot!  Perhaps the timing was just right?  It’s an extremely satisfying feeling when you have your eyes opened in this way; it’s definitely an experience and one that’ll stay with me forever!  Below there are a few photos from the trip to look at and hopefully it’ll encourage you to come back to read more about it.

Jonathan Phelps

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