December 2017 – It’s a time for Giving (it another go!)


It’s December and the count down to Christmas day has begun! That came around fast didn’t it, I’m sat here wondering where the year has gone? I always plan ahead so I’ve got something to look forward to but at the end of December everyone has got the same thing to look forward to, Christmas Day and New Years Eve!

Snow Day!

On the 10th December we had snow. Not a light dusting but a deluge! About 8 inches fell all over the county. Not a big deal for some but in England all it does is rain, so when we get something different and especially snow, its something to talk about. We had planned on visiting Becci’s brother for a meal and tour of his new house but the roads were closed, gridlocked or very dangerous to drive on so unfortunately we had to cancel. England really doesn’t cope well with snow or ice even if it’s forecast!

We decided to go for a walk instead, which took us all the way into our town centre. Still snowing heavily we took shelter in a few coffee shops on route and stopped for lunch in an Italian restaurant to refuel before stepping back out in to the cold. We spent the rest of the day at home in the warm watching movies under a blanket. Not a bad day really!

Giving it another go!

It turns out my brother can be quite persuasive! I went skiing with him back in April for a few days. It was my first time and I was so excited to be going but the trip turned into a bit of disaster for me. I had a delayed flight due to a bird strike, resulting in me missing the last transfer to the ski resort. The airline put me in a hotel for the night, which meant I missed a day. When I finally got there I tripped down some stairs carrying my suitcase spraining my good ankle (still suffering from my broken ankle!). I laughed it off but knew I’d done some damage. I tried skiing and managed half a day! I couldn’t wait to get home! That experience was a complete one off and I knew it too but I still needed some serious convincing before committing to going again. So I’m giving it another go! I booked to go with my brother and his Norwegian friend at the start of December. I fly out at the end of March over the Easter weekend. Fingers crossed it’s a better experience this time and to be honest, it couldn’t be any worse!

This years Christmas build up is just like all the rest for me, lots of work squeezed into a smaller time frame to allow a decent sized break to spend with my family and friends. Everything went well and I’d downed tools on the 22nd and wouldn’t go back fully until 2nd January. Plenty of time to relax!   During the break I spent a lot of time with my wife, we didn’t go out and do lots of things but just spent time together and it was perfect!

This year has had its highs and a lows. Challenging doesn’t come close to describing some of the events in 2017 but we persevered and made it to the end. Becci and I popped a bottle of champagne on New Years Eve, toasting to the end of one year and on onto start of the next.

I wonder what moments await us in 2018?

Jonathan Phelps

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