October 2017 – Tired body but active mind!

At the start of this month I took part in another running challenge, my local town’s Half Marathon.  Now you may have read my blog post about running a marathon so in essence I’ve already hit the 13.1 mile distance before, twice on the marathon day and multiple times during training.  This however was my first official half marathon.   I was quite excited to be taking part and I’d put enough training in to get around in a competitive time.The race went well from start to finish however in my excitement I set off too quickly chasing the 1hr 45min […]

September 2017 – Complete Blackout

To those who have visited my blog you may see there’s been a bit of a black out recently.  I’ve still been keeping myself busy, with my business, travel and challenges as I had planned, however life isn’t always on your side.  Right about the time I started the blog my father in law was mid treatment for cancer.  He was a great, life loving man and a real inspiration to us all.  My wife has been with him throughout and I have been with her supporting where I can.  Understandably my focus had shifted, and rightly so.  As I […]

Ride the fastest Zip Line in the World

Ever since I heard about Zip World and the experiences they have to offer I couldn’t stop thinking about trying out their Velocity experience for myself.  This is the fastest zip line in world and longest in Europe! It’s also conveniently located in Penrhyn quarry, Bethesda in the North of Wales, which is a comfortable 4 hour drive from my home.   I booked my Velocity Zip Line for 3pm on Saturday 4th February giving plenty of time for travel.  I also decided to make a weekend of it booking a local B&B for that night so that on Sunday my wife and I could […]

Run a Marathon

  On most bucket list’s you’ll find “Run a Marathon”. I decided I would take this task on as one of my first challenges, setting the standard high from the outset! This therefore makes the perfect first blog entry and links on nicely from the tone set in What is Blog It List? Little did I know that this would be the start of a huge physical and mental transformation for me before I’d even put on my running shoes! I had signed up for the Virgin London Marathon 2016 through the ballot entry system like thousands of others and […]