January 2018 – It’s not a wind up!

One of my Christmas presents last month was a Wolf Watch Winder, generously given to me by my wife, via Santa Claus of course.   A brilliant gift because my Tag Heuer watch is an automatic chronograph (meaning it charges itself under movement). I wear it as often as I can but during the working week I wear my Garmin running watch simply due to the fact I have a physical job and I wouldn’t want to break it. Wolf makes my watch winder and mine is bright orange, perhaps not to everyone’s taste but it happens to be my favourite […]

December 2017 – It’s a time for Giving (it another go!)

  It’s December and the count down to Christmas day has begun! That came around fast didn’t it, I’m sat here wondering where the year has gone? I always plan ahead so I’ve got something to look forward to but at the end of December everyone has got the same thing to look forward to, Christmas Day and New Years Eve! Snow Day! On the 10th December we had snow. Not a light dusting but a deluge! About 8 inches fell all over the county. Not a big deal for some but in England all it does is rain, so […]