January 2018 – It’s not a wind up!

One of my Christmas presents last month was a Wolf Watch Winder, generously given to me by my wife, via Santa Claus of course.   A brilliant gift because my Tag Heuer watch is an automatic chronograph (meaning it charges itself under movement). I wear it as often as I can but during the working week I wear my Garmin running watch simply due to the fact I have a physical job and I wouldn’t want to break it. Wolf makes my watch winder and mine is bright orange, perhaps not to everyone’s taste but it happens to be my favourite […]

November 2017 – The timing was perfect!

At the start of this month was my brother in laws birthday, the 6th November to be precise.  My wife Becci, her step mum Michèle and I went to Bristol to visit him for drinks and something to eat to help him celebrate turning 31! We all met at a nice bar called “The MilkThistle“.   It has a reputation for being one of Bristol’s best kept secrets, and I can see why!  It’s hidden in one of the finest historic buildings in the old city, literally hidden!  There’s not much signage indicating you’re there and a large set of […]